Things are usually pretty supernatural in Florida. No, this doesn’t reference the notorious “Florida Man.” The Sunshine State is a hotbed for UFO activity, second in the United States only to California. Perhaps, this explains some of the “Florida Man’s” unusual behaviors. 

As residents know, there are a lot of weird sightings in our state.  According to Study Finds, more than 1 in 3 people believe in extraterrestrial abductions, with 37% of individuals believing that American scientists and the military have already made contact with such beings. 

As of this writing, there have been 7,790 reports of UFOs documented in Florida alone. 

Government UFO Involvement 

There have been so many encounters that the government is finally taking them seriously. In 2019, Congress bought into the UFO craze and created a formal reporting mechanism. Hundreds of reports have been documented since then; about half remain unidentified. In addition, thousands of UFO documents were recently seized by the CIA. The Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy also investigates and confirms sightings. 

Top Florida UFO Sightings

Most of the time, those objects in the sky are merely military aviation, weather balloons, drones, or some other atmospheric optics phenomenon. However, some of these stories may have you checking the skies above, pondering if we truly are alone in the universe. 


Bradenton allocates resort tax funds to advertise Bradenton and nearby Anna Maria Island to countries overseas.

Bradenton allocates resort tax funds to advertise Anna Maria Island to countries overseas. There’s nothing at the Visitors Bureau that mentions anything about advertising campaigns meant for different planets, but, should there be?

Over on Anna Maria Island, a police officer witnessed a strange occurrence in the sunny skies. A Coast Guard plane flew over the bay, turning toward the Gulf. Suddenly, the officer saw a strange flying object tailing the plane. He claimed it was the size of a car, or possibly a small aircraft. 

After spotting the object, the Coast Guard plane changed course, attempting to follow. In response, the UFO’s speed and trajectory changed rapidly, with witnesses claiming the aircraft topped out at 500 mph, before vanishing. 

Flagler County 

Around 3 am, most Floridians are heading back to their homes after an evening of intoxicated shenanigans. However, for one Palm Coast resident, it was an hour for space visitors. The man caught a strange video on his home security camera. 

The recording captured two circles of light zipping through the air, then evaporating mysteriously into the sky. In the orbs’ wake, several encircled rings flashed. 

An associate professor and program chair of Aerospace, Physics, and Space Sciences at Florida Tech claims the footage is the real deal. 

The man who recorded the phenomenon watched it 100 times and even blew up screenshots to try and examine the tandem flying objects. Palm trees are clearly seen in the shot to make it even more Florida. 

Cold War South Florida

On the night of March 31, 1967, several unidentified flying objects whizzed over South Florida, witnessed by hundreds of civilians below. Of the eight unidentified aircrafts, two separate UFO flight areas were identified; one off the east coast of Miami, the second north of Key West. 

According to an Army launch crew member, the objects appeared like a meteorite flying a level course.

These “bogeys” evaded both U.S. and Cuban military personnel. But, even more disturbing, the sighting caused the destruction of one of the Cuban MiG-21s over Cuba. 

The incident was dismissed as part of a classified NORAD drill.

The Gulf Breeze Incident

On November 1987, The Gulf Breeze Sentinel published a series of photos sent by contractor Ed Walters. He claimed the pictures proved UFOs beyond any reasonable doubt. Each of the five pictures showed a blue beam. 

Walters also stated he saw the spacecraft land and deposit five aliens on our Florida soil, although he offered no recorded evidence. 

Instantly, the Pensacola News Journal was skeptical, dismissing the pictures as fraudulent. In response, Walter vowed he would take a monitored lie detector test. He also insisted he could recall three times in his life when he was missing time. All the mental lapses he blamed on those darn alien abductions. 

In 1990, after Walters moved elsewhere, a styrofoam model suspiciously shaped like a UFO was discovered in the home’s attic. Walter countered, blaming a government conspiracy to plant defamatory evidence. 

The Eglin Air Force Base is located directly east of Gulf Breeze and is an enormous military installation. The base Director of Public Affairs says they have no record of unusual activity in the area.

Palm Beach

Tiny, twinkling lights abruptly descended on Homestead Air Force Base, startling all civilians nearby.

Palm Beach may be a far way from Area 51, but it doesn’t deter UFO watchers from suspecting extraterrestrial activity. A satellite photo, taken by Google Earth, revealed a high-tech airplane or spacecraft at Pratt and Whitney’s airfield off the Beeline Highway. When asked, all personnel refused to comment. 

The aerospace facility has restrictive security, and the private airfield attached to the complex can’t be seen from the street. In an emailed statement, Pratt and Whitney spokesman Matthew C. Bates claimed that the aerospace company is a world leader in delivering propulsion solutions for both commercial and military purposes. 

Some believe the picture reveals a stealthy drone. Some believe it’s an uncrewed aerial vehicle. Some believe another planet is obviously prepping for invasion.